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Bulk SMS Prices



 Our prices are among the best you can get.


We offer competitive prices on a sliding scale. That means the more you buy, the less you pay.



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ALPHA PLUS ROUTE - Delivers To NonDND Only
Minimum Value Maximum Value Price/unit (₦aira)
1 20,000 1.25
20,001 50,000 1.20
50,001 100,000 1.15
100,001 300,000 1.10
300,001 500,000 1.05
500,001 1,000,000 1.00
Above 1,000,000 Please Call

* In this route, 2 unit sms delivers 1 page text message of 160 chrtrs, except MTN and Glo that is charged at 2.4 units. Click here to see our coverage and unit charges.


Minimum Value Maximum Value Price/unit (₦aira)
500 49,999 2.20
50,000 99,999 2.15
100,000 299,999 2.10
300,000 499,999 2.05
500,000 799,999 2.00
800,000 999,999 1.95
Above 1,000,000 Please Call

 * Corporate Plus Route is our transactional SMS. This route delivers to both DND and Non-DND without any hassle.

In this route, a page of  text message (160 chrtrs), is charged at 1.8 units to MTN, 1.5 units to Glo and 1 unit to Airtel and 9mobile.

* Please contact support, if you're interested in this route and it will be activated in your account in seconds. If you don't have an SMS account yet, you can register now and enjoy cheap and fast delivery of your messages to your clients and recipients.





Acc/No:        004 320 3636.


Make payment with your ‘User Name’ as depositor.

Remember to text your payment details (bank name, teller no, amount, user name & date.) to our Customer care line: 0809 242 2937 for payment verification & crediting of your account with units paid for.

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Smstreasury is a Bulk SMS Portal in Nigeria that offers cheap Bulk SMS and is most reliable. Send cheap Bulk sms from our web based SMS Portal through your PC or Smart Phone and enjoy cheap SMS pricing. Our portal is a High Speed SS7 Multiple Hub SMS aggregator Service that can deliver bulk text messages to any Mobile network globally. It is finely tuned to deliver above 10,000 SMS / second compared to other Bulk SMS Providers. Our SMS has no expiry date. Once you have made payment for a Bulk SMS package and the SMS units is credited to your account, it remains in your account as long as you want it. So get started now, register a free Bulk SMS account today and be rewarded with free SMS to test our cheap Bulk SMS gateway and then go ahead to buy enough cheap SMS to serve your Bulk SMS needs. Remember that our Bulk SMS portal is user friendly. The issue of how to send Bulk SMS is completely solved with our user friendly panel features that is self explanatory when you login to your account. It is that simple: you just register a free accountLogin to your account > Start sending Bulk SMS. We offer affordable and reliable  BulkSMS, Web SMS, 2Way SMS services to Individuals, Cooperate bodies, Schools, Churches, NGO's and other interested groups. Contact us and we can get you started happily, with specialist advice and great SMS marketing ideas for you and your clients.

We operate two SMS Routes:

  • ALPHA PLUS. Which is our default SMS route and is activated when an SMS Account is newly registered. Note that this route can't deliver to numbers on DND list.
  • CORPORATE PLUS. This is our new SMS route (Transactional SMS). Corporate Plus Route is optimized to deliver SMS to numbers on DND without any difficulty. If you're interested, contact us and we will add it to your SMS Account.






There is a wide variety of quality when it comes to SMS or BulkSMS Service and SMS providers. When sending bulk text messages with our Web based SMS or BulkSMS portal, you can be confident that your messages will be delivered instantly. Our SMS platform has a wide variety of features. Check out our free bulksms products and apps that will make your sms or bulksms text messaging experience very rewarding.


Sms Advertising/Marketing.


With BulkSMS, you can reach a very wide audience of your target group directly and achieve a high level of interaction, as people never  leaves home without their mobile phones and rarely switch them off. SMS or BulkSMS, as an Advertising/ Campaign/ Marketing and Church Evangelism tool, is more effective and cheaper than other media like TV, Radio or Print-Media. This is the advantage Smstreasury offers you, along with our Managed BulkSMS Service which is ideal for clients that send large SMS or BulkSMS messages to large numbers.